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I plan on taking BIOLCHEM 415 next semester. I know biochem is a memorization heavy course, do you have any advice on how to study for the course? Also, when are the exams scheduled? I’m trying to fit my schedule around the class. 

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AvatarElizabeth Lee answered 1 year ago

Hi, great question! Currently none of our advisors have taken BIOLCHEM 415, but I can give some general tips on how to study for memorization heavy courses. I used these strategies to study for MCDB 310, another biochem course. I find it helpful to create a study sheet summarizing each lecture because it allows me to organize information in a way that makes sense to me. Color coding the important or big picture concept is great for adding depth to the summary sheet (so it’s not just one giant block of text). Doing this after each lecture also makes studying for the exams easier because the content feels more digestible. I also like explaining the material out loud to myself or to a friend because it forces me to figure out how to break down the information to its clearest form. As for when the exams are scheduled, unfortunately, I don’t have this information. If you need it to plan your schedule, I would suggest emailing the professor(s) to see if they can offer any clarification. I hope this provided some insight–good luck with finals and next semester!
-Elizabeth, PMH President

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