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AvatarJ asked 2 years ago

Would it be possible to take these three classes in the same semester? I would also be taking BIO 226 and a humanities course.
I am planning on doing a neuroscience major, but I also want to take physics before my MCAT at the end of next summer. If the schedule above doesn’t work, would Physics 150/151 be sufficient for the MCAT, or do I need to take 250/251 beforehand as well?

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AvatarSara answered 2 years ago

It’s usually recommended to stick to two science classes per semester in order to balance your schedule, as well as remain involved in other activities. That being said, it could be doable to take those three classes in the same semester, as long as you dedicate enough time to each course. Biochem and psych 230 both require a lot of memorization – for biochem, it’s mostly memorization of specific pathways and enzymes; for psych 230, it’s memorization of brain structures and functions, as well as understanding various psychology experiments done in the past. To do well in physics, it’s recommended to do a lot of practice problems to fully grasp the concepts; therefore, this class also requires a big time commitment.  You would also be doing 2 labs (151+226) and a humanities course, which will also require some time commitments. While it is doable, you should also consider if you want to be involved in other extracurricular activities and leave enough time aside for those. 
In terms of the MCAT, I think physics 150/151 would definitely be sufficient. However, if you really want to take physics 250/251 before you take the MCAT, another option would be to take it in the spring term next summer. 
I hope this helped a little bit. Please don’t hesitate to ask other questions if you have any! 
Sara, PMH Advisor 

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