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I need to take one of the following bio classes in order to fulfill a requirement: 205, 207, 272. Can you give me any insight into how each of the classes are or any previous experiences to help aid with my decision making?

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Here’s a brief summary of each of the classes.

  • (Taken from the course guide) – The class will emphasize the problem-solving nature of science, and how experimental evidence is used to understand development. This course is intended for majors in Biology, CMB, Neuroscience, and other natural sciences of all classes.
    • For freshmen and sophomores, this class serves as a nice stepping-stone from 100- to 300-level science courses, particularly in preparation for Genetics (BIOLOGY 305).
    • For upperclassmen, it can serve as an elective to complement more advanced courses.
  • Three synchronous exams and weekly iClicker quizzes on lecture material
  • Median grade: B, 15% of students get an A, 16% of students get an A-
  • Predominately juniors and seniors


  • Divided into 4 units: Microbial Cell Biology, Microbial Molecular Biology, Microbes in the Wild, Medical Microbiology
  • 4 exams + online laboratory exercises (with the option for in-person exercises)
  • 3 hours of pre-recorded lecture/week, 3 hours laboratory session/week, two 80-minute synchronous “office hours”
  • Median grade: B+, 23% of students get an A, 20% of students get a B
  • Predominately juniors and seniors
  • One of our advisors really liked this class and she describes her experience here.

BIOLOGY 272 (not being taught this winter)

  • (Taken from the course guide) – This course will introduce you to essential principles that guide our current understanding of cellular structure, function, and behavior. We will emphasize central concepts in Cell Biology including cellular components and architecture, membrane structure, protein targeting and translocation, membrane trafficking, cell signaling, cytoskeleton, cell cycle, cell-matrix, and cell-cell adhesion.
  • Intended for sophomore and Junior MCDB or other biological science majors.
  • Pre-recorded lectures + discussion sections + online Q&A sessions
  • 14 weekly non-cumulative quizzes (drop lowest quiz)
  • Median grade: A-, 25% of students get an A, 24% of students get an A-
  • Predominately juniors and seniors

I hope that helps!
Leen, PMH Advisor

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