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I am currently in Bio 272 and the first exam in on Monday, but I’m really unsure how to study for this class and have not been able to talk with anyone who has taken the class before, so I was wondering if anyone at the PreMed Hub had any tips. 

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AvatarCate answered 8 months ago

Hi Sarisha, 
I am also in this class right now! I have talked to a student who took this class this year and they didn’t used to provide any practice exams, so at least we get one that the GSI’s made :). 
Basically, I am going to treat studying for this exam like any other memorization-heavy Biology class. Starting today, I am going to be going through all the lectures notes first. Basically, how I like to do this is that I start by re-summarizing all the information on each slide to fit under a “question” that I formulate. So for example, if the slide is about the protein geometries, I would write on a doc “What are the four main levels of protein geometries, and what are the the properties and types of bonds/interactions that define them?” or something roughly like that. Reformatting it like a question helps me fill in any gaps that I am unsure about. I will go through almost all of the slides in this way. 
Next, I like to input the terms that I know are unclear to me at this point in a Quizlet. I will continue to review the slides as the weekend goes on and take the practice exam a couple days before. Based on how I do on that, it will guide my studying for the next day. I will add any unfamiliar topics from the practice exam from the Quizlet from earlier. I also have a small group of people that I will be studying with to talk out any unfamiliar concepts. It really helps me to “teach” the topics to other people. Since this exam has some short responses, I would recommend actually trying this yourself, even if you are just imagining to teach it to someone. 
I think how this first exam goes will guide my studying for the future, so try not to stress too much! It will give us a sense for the format/style so we can improve next time. 
I hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to respond to this post or come to our office hours next week. 
-Cate, PMH Co-President 

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