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AvatarEthan asked 1 year ago

Would taking Bio 171,172, 173 and Bio 225, 226 be enough to satisfy biology requirements for applying to med school? Since Bio 225 is not a 300 or 400 level class does it still satisfy as taking an upper level bio?

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AvatarAllison answered 1 year ago

Hello Ethan,  I know that students have often used Bio 226 to count for their upper-level bio lab. The pre-health advisors at Newnan have made it pretty clear that this is common practice and accepted as an upper-level. For Bio 225 I am not so sure, you may want to check with an advisor at Newnan to see if you can get Bio 225 to count for upper level as is the case with Bio 226. I know that many people take Genetics (Bio 305) for their upper level and I found it to be helpful for my MCAT (although the genetics done in the intro courses may be sufficient).  I hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions! PMH Advisor Allison    

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