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Avataranon asked 9 months ago

I’m currently taking BIO 225 and have been trying to understand how to study for the class. There seems to be no HW/assignments, but mostly just lectures and notes. Are there any tips for studying for the quizzes/tests for this class? So far I’ve just been reviewing the notes, but not sure if that’s the most effective thing to do. Any suggestions would be really appreciated, thank you so much!

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AvatarRaheem Ahmed answered 9 months ago

I hope you are doing well!
To begin my studying, I usually first tried to practice active recall, where on the evenings of the day of lecture, I would try to recall everything that was discussed in that day’s lecture and write it all down. Here, I wasn’t subconsciously reading what was written in the PowerPoints verbatim, but rather trying to see what I picked up/what I understood.
Next, after I finished my active recall, I started reviewing the slides and in more-depth, focusing on topics/concepts that I might not have picked up on before in my active recall, and I noted the concepts that I might still have felt iffy on. At this point, I would go on Piazza to see if someone has asked similar questions to ones I have, or I might ask myself. I also would go to office hours if I felt like I needed more of a dynamic explanation to my concerns, as opposed to just reading off of Piazza.
I would do this with all of the lectures as they were presented.
Then, a couple of days before the exams, I would attempt the practice exams and do all the practice questions. If there are questions I got wrong or didn’t know, I reviewed those sections of the notes. I also attended the review sessions right before the test as they usually provided some clues as to what will be emphasized on the exams.
There are also SLC study groups for BIO 225, which might prove to be helpful to you as they allow you an opportunity to review the content once a week with your peers and they also provide additional worksheets/exams.
I hope this helps! Feel free to stop by our advising hours (on Sunday – Wednesday from 6 PM – 10 PM) if you have any further questions!
Raheem, PMH Co-President

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