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AvatarZoe Srackangast asked 2 years ago

Do you think that taking Bio 225 and Physics 235 in the Spring semester would be manageable? Or should I wait to take Physics 235 in the Fall semester and take Bio 225 with a lighter humanities/elective class?
Thank you!

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AvatarJudy answered 2 years ago

We generally recommend sticking to one STEM/pre-med course in the spring semester because you are learning the material 2x as fast due to the condensed semester. Physics 235 is a problem-solving, exam-heavy class, and bio 225 is memorization heavy so they both require a lot of study time. Bio 225 with a lighter class is more manageable, but it is still an accelerated semester so it really depends on what else you have going on outside of classes. If you feel that you have enough dedicated time to study for both classes you should be fine!
Let me know if this helps and feel free to ask more questions!
PMH advisor 

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