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can anyone tell me a bit about the rigor of bio207? i’m thinking of doing bio207, bio225, physics 135, and a language next semester. is that too much? my other option is to replace 207 with psych 230. which option seems more doable? also for some context: i took physics c in high school and got a 4 so i have prior knowledge of physics and i have native ability in the language i’m taking

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Hi Pam! 
A good rule of thumb is to take two science courses per semester and combine them with other subjects. However, this can be different from person to person. If you feel confident in physics, you can take two other science courses with it. Just remember, to dedicate enough time to each subject. 
I took Bio 207 and I really enjoyed the class. Bio 207 has 4 exams and lab exercises. The practice exams will be provided and you can work on them ahead of time to prepare yourself for the exams and reinforce concepts. To learn more about the subjects that will be covered in the class, you can take a look at the previous semesters’ syllabus on the LSA Course Guide
PSYCH 230 is more conceptual and less hard science-oriented. As mentioned, the syllabus for the previous year on the LSA Course Guide can help you to know more about the course requirements and topics. It seems like the workload for both Bio 207 and PSYCH 230 will be similar. So, the level of class difficulty between Bio 207 and PSYCH230 depends on what kind of material comes easier to you and you enjoy more. 
Also, if your schedule allows, you can register for both classes and attend the first few sessions to get a better sense about each class. Then, based on that you can make your final decision and keep your desired class and drop the other one before the add/drop deadline. 
I hope you will find this helpful. But if you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us or drop by our online advising sessions
Haniyeh – PMH Advisor

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