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AvatarAnkita Patel asked 2 years ago

Does anyone have advice for studying both of these classes at the same time. I am trying to make a study schedule so that I can balance both! any advice?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ankita,
Unfortunately none of our advisors have taken Bio 207, but attached are some comments from a student that has previously taken this course. Firstly, she suggests making Cornell notes and reviewing them before and after the readings. This helped her stay on top of the material, and she considers this to be very important. Secondly, she says to always do the readings and when annotating in Perusall, be sure to use it to your best ability, since it will become important during the exams. Start with the overarching picture, then go more and more into detail when explaining concepts to yourself. Lastly, always attend office hours, especially concerning the lab because it is good to get your answers and thoughts checked as the course progresses. 
For Orgo 1, I would suggest staying on top of the coursepack material, attending GSI and professor office hours, and get your questions answered as you progress through the course. Orgo 1 introduces a lot of new material and moves at a fast pace, so it’s vital you comprehend the material presented each class. The coursepack was very useful for me, since it gives you more material to practice on before the exam. I’d also highly suggest joining an SLC study group, since this gives you an environment to work with other students on material, and more content review.
I hope this helps! Feel free to stop by our advising hours (on Sunday through Wednesday from 6-10pm) if you have any further questions, and best of luck for the new semester!
Lakshmi, PMH Co-President

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