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AvatarFreshman asked 3 years ago

I took AP Biology in junior year of high school and was able to receive credit for BIO 171/172. I was thinking of doing BIO 173 during the second semester of this year (my freshman year).
I’m a little rusty since I haven’t had AP Bio in a long time. 

How much information do I have to retain to do well in BIO 173? Should I restudy all the materials from my bio class?

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AvatarLakshmi answered 3 years ago

I was in a similar position as well, where I placed out of Biology 171/172 and took 173 my freshman year! Biology 173 is the introductory Biology lab that focuses more on the lab techniques and communicating your results, rather than the more explicit knowledge you’d learn in 171/172.
Biology 173 has an associated one-hour lecture per week, in addition to the lab itself, which covers background information and knowledge needed for each lab. Additionally, for each lab you’re given an introduction to the biology concepts that the lab will utilize, so there’s no need to have an in-depth understanding of it or re-study materials from your AP Bio class. From there, you use the knowledge and apply it to these lab techniques, which includes PCR, electrophoresis, protein purification, enzymes, and more. There are traditionally 2 quizzes for this lab, which are focused on big-picture content from a series of previous labs, as well as experimental information you gain from performing the labs. There are also group presentations that focus on the lab content you have experimented with. The past syllabi for Biology 173 can be found on the LSA Course Guide if you’d like more information.
I hope this helps!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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