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I noticed that prior or concurrent enrollment in Chem 130 is recommended for Bio 172, however I can’t register for Chem 130 this semester because the class is full. 
Does anyone have any insight on whether Bio 172 is doable without concurrent enrollment in Chem 130? I have some high school experience from chemistry, but I did not take AP chem. I am a little stressed about this because I do not know what to expect. I took Bio 171 this fall and it went well (if that has any impact on suggestions)
Thanks so much!

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AvatarArjun Batra answered 1 year ago

Hi there! Thank you very much for your question!
As I was reading it, I was thinking back to my second semester freshman year, because I had the exact same concerns you have right now. I, too, took some chemistry in high school, but did not take AP Chem, and I was worried that I was sabotaging myself by taking Bio 172 without Chem 130.
But to answer your question, you absolutely do not need Chem 130 to do successfully in Bio 172. I know this because I did pretty well in 172 without college chem experience. The only concepts from chemistry I would suggest reviewing are electron affinities of different elements (O, N, F, C, etc.), methyl groups, and a bit of acid-base chemistry. It is definitely doable, and if you take advantage of all the practice tests they give you, you will be successful. 
If you have any follow-up questions about this, please do let me know! I am happy to address any of your concerns.
Good luck!
Arjun, PMH Advisor 

AvatarAnon answered 1 year ago

Thank you so much!! This is very helpful. 

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