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AvatarAmanda asked 12 months ago

Hi! I’m an incoming fall term freshman and I’ve heard many mixed things about the chemistry classes at Umich. I’ve always wanted to pursue med but I didn’t realize it was so chemistry heavy and only took a general chemistry course in high school. That being said, I don’t consider myself very good at chemistry and because I’m in Shanghai, the current lockdown means we have gone back to distance learning. I find myself worried about taking chemistry at Umich because I feel as though I might fall behind. Do you have any recommendations for classes or how I can use my summer to prepare myself for college level chemistry class?

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AvatarHannah answered 11 months ago

Hi Amanda, 
Since you only took a general chemistry course in high school, it sounds like the first chemistry course you might take at U of M will be general chemistry (Chem 130) (this might be the best course for you to register, as it is usually the starting course for chemistry).
You might also register for Section 400 of Chem 130 – as it says in the course guide: “The intensive lecture section (Section 400) is intended for those students who would benefit from a smaller lecture section (maximum 100 students) and more lectures so that the pace is slower and there is more feedback. This section is reserved for CSP students and students who have placed into CHEM 130.”
(You can use the course guide ( to browse through more courses.)
In terms of preparation for college level chemistry classes, there are some online resources you can use, such as Khan Academy and Chad’s Prep (Chapters 1-9). 
Khan Academy link:
Chad’s Prep link:
There are also several resources on campus once you start taking classes: 
There are study groups and personal tutoring sessions that are offered by the Science Learning Center on campus ( – some information about study groups, you can explore other tabs on the website. Registration for study groups should open up once the semester starts). Professors and Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) also hold office hours where you can go and ask questions. 
Thanks for asking a question on our website, feel free to ask any other questions as they come up!
Hannah, PMH Advisor. 

AvatarAmanda Cai answered 11 months ago

Thank you so much Hannah! 

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