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Avatar asked 2 years ago

I’m debating potentially becoming a learning assistant for Physics 150 this fall. It’s about 10 hours a week and $12 per hour. I was just wondering if it is worth the time and effort, especially since I’ll be taking orgo 1 at the same time. I’m also a non-traditional applicant, so could this be a helpful experience for med school applications?

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AvatarHanin Elhagehassan answered 2 years ago

Hi there!
I was personally a learning assistant for Physics 240 and thought it was great to work with the Physics department. I believe you attend the course hours and have 2+ hours of office hours a week (at least this was the case Fall 2021). 
I don’t think it should pose any conflicts with Orgo 1, when I was a Learning Assistant, I was taking Biochem + 2 engineering courses if that’s any consolation! I think the job is very rewarding if you enjoy teaching others (and physics). 
It ultimately all should be based on how the rest of your schedule is looking and what your typical study habits look like (eg, how long it takes you to study). 
– Hanin Elhagehassan, PMH Advisor

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