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Hi, is BCN usually a BA or A BS? also what are the differences between neuroscience and BCN? is one harder than the other? For advisors who chose BCN over Neuroscience or Neuroscience over BCN why did you personally make that choice? Are you happy with that choice? These questions might sound a bit personal I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable but if you are open to sharing I’d love to hear your inputs. thanks

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AvatarElizabeth Lee answered 2 years ago

Hi, BCN can be either a BA or a BS depending on what classes you’re interested in taking. To receive a BS you must complete 60 credits of physical, natural sciences and/or mathematics courses. It is completely up to you. Some courses you take as a pre-med may overlap with courses that count towards a BS. In that sense, if you’re interested in natural sciences and are a pre-med, the path may lead you to receiving a BS. The difference between neuroscience and BCN is that neuroscience focuses even more on natural sciences and the mechanisms of the brain on the cellular level. There are different courses that count towards the major, so I would suggest looking here for the neuroscience courses and here for the BCN courses to see which ones seem more interesting to you. 
I’m personally a BCN major and I am very happy with the decision I made. I made this decision after looking at the course sheet (specifically the advanced level courses) and taking some prerequisite courses like psych 230 and psych 240. I found the courses to be engaging and they made me want to learn more about biopsychology. I also found myself randomly thinking about some of the information I learned in classes because many were new concepts that could be directly applied in the real world. Something I enjoy about BCN is that students can take a range of classes that provide either a biological, cognitive, clinical, social, or developmental component to psychology. In that sense the classes I’ve taken have been holistic and they’ve allowed me to explore a range of topics. Another advisor can speak on the experience of being a neuroscience major, but I hope this information has given you some insight on choosing majors!
Elizabeth, PMH advisor 

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I’m a neuroscience major and I’m definitely happy with my choice. I transferred to Michigan after my freshman year, and I chose neuroscience because it encompassed many of the pre-med requirements within the major itself. Since I had to retake a few courses that didn’t transfer from my previous institution, I was looking for a major that would leave me enough room to do a minor, as well as keep me on track with the pre-med requirements. Additionally, I liked that the upper-level elective choices for the neuroscience major dive more in-depth into specific topics covered briefly in introductory courses. This allowed me to take courses on certain topics that I was interested in learning more about. 
However, please know that both of these majors are great in terms of medical school preparation! 
Sara, PMH Advisor 

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