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AvatarMaggie asked 2 years ago

I want to ask a science professor for a recommendation letter for a class that I took in Fall 2020 semester. I won’t be applying until 2023, so matriculating 2024. When should I be asking the professor if he can write the letter? Since it’s such a long time before I acutally apply, would it be better to ask if he can write a letter, and contact him as I get closer to the application cycle to write the letter then?

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AvatarSydney answered 2 years ago

Hi Maggie!
Many students ask a professor right after they take their course, even if they aren’t applying for a couple years, because some professors prefer to write the letter while their interaction with the student is still fresh and just save it until it is time for submission. Our blog post about asking for letters of recommendation may also help you as you navigate requesting them! Good luck!

AvatarMaggie answered 2 years ago

Thank you. I heard that others also give them their personal statement. Should this be a problem if I don’t have a one drafted yet (because I won’t be applying anytime soon)?

AvatarSydney answered 2 years ago

Hi Maggie!
When you contact them, let them know when you plan on applying. They likely will not ask for a personal statement at this time since you won’t be applying soon.

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