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AvatarSarah asked 9 months ago

I’m planning to shadow a physician next summer, but I’m not sure how far in advance I should start asking around. Would it be okay to start asking now, or should I wait until later, maybe around winter?

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AvatarDiamond Johnson answered 9 months ago

Hi there!
I never think it is too early to start the shadowing process. In my experience I started asking around and networking as soon as possible. The earlier you ask, the earlier you will be able to start shadowing. Not only will that give you more time to shadow one specific professional and build a relationship with them, but you will also have more time to schedule in shadowing from other fields of interest or specialties within the medical field. I hope that helps; feel free to follow up with anymore questions you may have!
Best on your academic journey,
Diamond Jonson, PMH Advisor 

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