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Hi! Planning on taking the MCAT at the start of winter semester during my junior year, so I wanted to take pchem winter semester of sophomore year / biochem fall semester of junior year.  That being said, I’m struggling with what classes to take next year (sophomore year) alongside orgo 1— I was wondering whether ANATOMY 403 and PHYSIOL 201 were helpful classes for the mcat, and whether it would be manageable to take all three in one semester? If not, which one/ what other classes would you recommend I take with orgo 1?  Anatomy and physiology are both also listed as non-lsa credits, and I’m not sure what that really means if I’m a LSA student? Will it still count toward my major or add to my credits? Thanks in advance for your help! (For some context, I’ve already finished gen chem, the intro bio sequence, physics 150, stats 250, have credit for AP psych, and I’m taking orgo 1 and 2 my sophomore year)

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I would recommend taking BIO 225 instead of Anatomy 403 and Physiol 201. BIO 225 is anatomy and physiology combined, so it combines the two and a lot of people find this helpful for the MCAT. It is also LSA credit, which means if you are in the school of LSA you will get credit for it. The other two classes you listed are not, so you won\’t get credit toward the LSA degree you need to complete. I\’m not sure what major you are, but a great resource is the LSA Course Audit. This is what advisors will use to see which classes you still need to complete in order to graduate, so you can see which section these classes would fit into. I apologize for the late response, but I hope this helped!


Miranda, Co-President

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