AvatarArul asked 1 year ago

I’m a second semester first year student wondering if I should take ANATOMY 303. My others classes include CHEM 215, CHEM 216, BIOLOGY 173, ALA 109, and one of the following (ECON 101, STATS 250, PHYSICS 150, or SOC 100). 

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AvatarHaitong Yu answered 1 year ago

Sorry for the late response! I personally think that based on your other classes, taking ANATOMY 303 would be a relatively heavy workload. We usually suggest students take a maximumly of three STEM courses including the lab. Since you are already taking CHEM 215, CHEM 216, and BIOLOGY 173, adding another heavy science class would be a lot. But, this is just general advice we give to students. If you feel like you are able to handle a science-heavy semester, it is definitely doable. You might have to be more selective on the extracurriculars you participate in that case. I hope this is helpful and feel free to come to one of our office hours if you want to discuss it in more detail! 
PMH Haitong

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