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AvatarMegan asked 3 years ago

I’m seeing both Anatomy 303 and Anatomy 403 listed on the course guide as intro anatomy courses that are basically being taught by the same professors. 303 is 3 credits though and 403 is 5. What’s the difference between the two? Do med schools prefer one over the other?

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 3 years ago

Hi Megan,
Thanks for your question! Looking at the course guide, it seems like Anatomy 303 is designed to be an online course – using a systems approach and multimedia to teach anatomy concepts. This course has not been taught in the past, so I would assume it was generated in response to the reduced levels of in person learning taking place on campus. Anatomy 403 is the historical anatomy course available to undergrads that has been taught for quite a few semesters here (typically in person, online for the Fall semester due to COVID). Based on the difference in credits, it would seem that 303 is significantly less demanding in terms of workload and time commitment than 403, which is notoriously quite a rigorous course for undergrads who are also taking other classes as a full time student.
In terms of med school preference, there really is none. Unlike undergrad schools, medical schools won’t offer any sort of credit or placement out of intro anatomy classes if the classes have already been taken during undergrad. I cannot imagine a scenario where one class looks more favorable on a transcript over the other, as course selection is typically a low-grade factor for medical school admissions committees. Based on what I’ve heard from Newnan Pre-Health advisors, the anatomy course is great for giving you a head start in medical school. If you’re planning on matriculating one or two semesters after taking the course, it would be great to have some foundational knowledge still in your head before jumping into med school anatomy courses. That being said, it is absolutely not a requirement in any sense – quite a few pre-medical students don’t end up taking the course during undergrad.
Hope this helps! Keep in touch with further questions!
Owen, PMH Co-president

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