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I was wondering for anyone who has taken Anatomy 303 this semester or last semester how the exams were in terms of difficulty and/or content? Also, the time commitment for this class?

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AvatarMary Show answered 7 months ago

I’m actually in Anatomy 303 right now! Overall, I think this is a great introductory course to anatomy taught by great professors. It isn’t as time intensive as other science classes or it’s brother course, Anatomy 403. The class is asynchronous which is great because you can fit lectures and take quizzes/tests based your own time and schedule.
For reference, the lectures will take you 2-5 hours a week (on 1x speed). We have a quiz due every Friday at 5 pm based on the lectures, but they usually take me 5 mins to complete and they are untimed. The quizzes are very straightforward and open note. If you do the lectures, you should be getting full points on them most of the time!
In terms of exams, those are pretty straightforward as well! The format this semester is 70 questions in 1.5 hours. You will probably breeze through most of the questions if you paid attention to the lectures!
Overall, Anatomy 303’s rigor and intensity is very manageable. It’s a good introduction and a great upper level bio! If you want a more rigorous course that goes more in depth with the material, I would suggest Anatomy 403. However, I really like Anatomy 303’s asynchronous structure and how it’s very doable if coupled with an intensive class load!
Please reach out if you have any questions!

  • Mary Show, PMH Advisor
Avataranonymous answered 7 months ago

Thank you! How much time would you say needs to be put in for the class to get an A in terms of the exams?

Avataranonymous answered 7 months ago

Also, does it show up on your transcript as “online” or “async” or just “Intro to Human Anat”

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