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I noticed someone asked about this course in a previous post, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Anatomy 303 and how they felt the workload was?
I thought it sounded really interesting, and I would like to register for it, but I also want to be mindful of other courses and making sure I’m not overworking myself in the fall. I plan to take Orgo I with lab, Bio 173, UROP, and a 3 credit WGS course. Does anyone have any experience on the workload of this course, and if they think it would be too much given the rest of my schedule? 
Thank you very much for your help!

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AvatarRaheem Ahmed answered 10 months ago

I hope you are doing well! Unfortunately, none of our current Advisors have taken ANATOMY 303, but I asked a friend of mine who took it and this is what they told me about how ANATOMY 303 is designed:

  • The class is structured by 4 “assessment blocks”
  • Since the class is asynchronous, the lecture videos are posted on the Canvas page ready to watch
  • Your final grade will be made up of 4 multiple-choice exams (one for each block; 50 questions each with 80 minutes to complete them)

They said that the workload for this course wasn’t too heavy and they felt as though it was less work than their other pre-med courses. Additionally, on Atlas, ANATOMY 303 has a median grade of an A (with 14% getting an A+, 43% getting an A, and 16% getting an A-) and it says that 24% perceived this course’s workload to be heavier than other courses. Additionally, I took a schedule that was similar to this during the Winter semester of my Freshman year (BIOLOGY 171+173, CHEM 210+211, and a 3-credit humanities course) and while it definitely wasn’t a chill semester, I never felt overly stressed and I had a decent amount of time for extracurriculars and just time to relax. So, while your proposed schedule will have a decent-to-light heavy workload, I think it is doable.
However, there are some things I would consider before signing up for this course. One thing is looking at how CHEM 210+211 might be for you. Organic chemistry is kind of a like a new language and, for many, it takes dedicated time and energy to understand it (I know I felt this way). However, some people just sort of understand the content a little easier and quicker than others. So, I would recommend seeing how you are handling the course content during the first 2-3 weeks of the semester. If it is on the more difficult side and you feel as though you might need to dedicate extra time to be successful, then I would drop ANATOMY 303 and take a course with a lighter workload. But, if you feel like you are handling it well, then I think taking ANATOMY 303 alongside of it won’t be too difficult. Another thing to consider is your learning style. If you prefer in-person lectures because they force you out of your living space to learn the content, then maybe this course would be more work than anticipated.
I hope the information above has helped you! However, if you still feel unsure, I would ultimately recommend signing up for it (since you find the course content interesting) and seeing how the first couple of weeks of the semester go. From there, you can make a decision on whether or not you should continue with ANATOMY 303.
I hope this helps! Feel free to follow up on this Q&A post or make another post if you have any further questions!
Raheem, PMH Co-President

AvatarAnon answered 10 months ago

Thank you so much for all of this helpful information! I will definitely reach out if I have any further questions.

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