AvatarAnon asked 7 months ago

How much time would you say needs to be put in for the class to get an A in terms of the exams? Are the exams more of memorization or applying concepts? 

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AvatarMiranda Baumbick answered 7 months ago

I have heard this course isn’t as time intensive as other science classes, but it does still require some effort. Overall, this class is very memorization heavy. However, it does not include as much physiology, so you won’t go as in-depth into the content in terms of the actual processes. As for exam format, this semester it was 70 questions in 1.5 hours. If you’ve paid attention in lectures, you shouldn’t have a timing issue and be able to breeze right through.
Looking at the LSA course guide, the median grade for this class is an A. I’ve linked the Anatomy 303 Atlas profile here as well so you can take a look at more of the statistics.
I hope this was helpful!
Miranda, PMH Advisor

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