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AvatarH asked 3 years ago

If we shadowed multiple physicians in different specialities, who should we list as the contact person? Also, since these shadowing sessions are intermittent, how should we put the start and end date?  Thanks for your help! 

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AvatarPooja answered 3 years ago

Hi there!
If there’s only a few physicians you shadowed in different months, you can put each start and end date separately so you can separate the hours. The start and end dates aren’t nearly as important as the hours listed though. I personally only had really intermittent shadowing days (and too many physicians to separate) so I just did a general two year window when I started to my last shadowing day, and only separated the hours in the explanation in bullet point form. My contact person listed was the most recent one, although I did include contact details for all of the others as well in the written section. You can include either phone number or email or both (depending on what you used more often with them). Here’s a template of how I did it, although there are many different good ways to!

  • __hr – Dr. ___, Ophthalmology, Kellogg Eye Center,
  • __hr – Dr. ___, Neurology, Troy Beaumont, (__)__-___
  • __hr – Dr. ___, Otolaryngology, Dearborn Beaumont,
  • __hr – Dr. ___, Neonatology, Mott Children’s Hospital, (__)__-___
  • __hr – Dr. ___, OB-GYN, Ann Arbor Planned Parenthood,
  • __hr – Dr. ___, Interventional Radiology, Michigan Medicine (contact above)
  • Additional information available upon request.

Some students also choose to separate out ONE of their shadowing experiences (provided you have enough activity sections remaining out of the 15) and write a more personal account of what they saw and learned rather than this more boring list form, but that is totally up to you and your situation. Let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

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