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Hello, I hope you are doing well! I am an incoming freshman seriously considering the pre-med track. After looking at some of the majors, the Biology, Health, & Society major really interests me. I was wondering if you know of anyone who could help me with a four year plan. I currently have AP credits as follows (chem, bio, english lang, APUSH, french – I have placed out of the lang requirement)

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First off, welcome to the University of Michigan! We hope you have are excited for the next four years!
The best person to help you come up with a 4-year plan can be your general Newnan advisor, a Newnan pre-health advisor, an advisor in the Department of Biology/Neuroscience, or one of us! All UM advisors require appointments, and I have linked the websites in the sentence prior. I am majoring in BHS and can help you through email (leenalna@umich.edu). If you’d like to meet virtually, we have weekly advising hours starting the first week of school!
In general, the breakdown of BHS requirements are:

  • Prerequisites: Biology 171 and 172 (which you have AP credit for), Biology 173, Chem 210 and 211, and a Quantitative Analysis course (math) that has many options for you to choose from
  • Group A – Gateway Biology: 2 courses, 6 credits minimum
  • Group B – Health and Society: 2 courses, 6 credits minimum
  • Group C – Core Biology: 2 courses, 6 credits minimum
  • Group D – Biology Elective: 1 course, 3 credits minimum
  • Group E – Additional courses needed to reach a total of 24 credits

From my experience, BHS is great for anyone interested in freeing up some time for philosophy, sociology, gender and health, environmental sciences, public health, and history classes (since your science courses qualify for the major and for pre-med requirements). It’s also great for double majoring if you are also interested in another subject area because of its smaller 24-credit requirement! Please feel free to reach out to me (or to any of the other advisors) if you would like one of us to help you plan or if you have any other questions!
I hope that helped! Best of luck to you in your first year!
Leen, PMH Advising Manager

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