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AvatarAnonymous asked 1 year ago

Im a freshman and during the fall semester, I took ANTHRCUL 101, PSYCH 111, CHEM 130, CHEM 125+126, and ENG 125. I have IB credit for BIO 171 and 172. for next semester, I am thinking of taking the following classes: CHEM 210 + 211, BIO 173, SOC 100 & PSYCH 280.  I am not sure about psych 280, but I needed one more class to get past 12 credits and I was told that this one is good to have for the MCAT. Thoughts on this schedule?? Im undecided on my major but Im leaning towards BHS if that helps. Thank you!

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AvatarJasmine Bhatti answered 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your question.
This looks like a great schedule to me. Typically we recommend that students take an average of about 2 STEM classes per semester, so taking 1 STEM class with 2 labs sounds like around the same amount of work. Both of these labs are usually not too much work, but they can be somewhat time consuming at some points, so I think that taking these classes would allow you to have a good balance of free time and work.   As for Psych 280, as you mentioned it can help in terms of studying for the Psych/Soc section of the MCAT. However, it is not necessary to take this class in order to get a successful score, not only because this section of the MCAT is sometimes self-studied, but also because you have already taken Psych 111 and plan on taking Soc 100. Nonetheless, if the topic of this class interests you, then I would definitely encourage you to take it; I think that the rationale for taking this class is best worded on this site.
I hope this helps, but feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions! 🙂
–  Jasmine, PMH advisor  

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