Nick Pfeifer

Psychology (major)


Favorite class you took at Michigan:

I have several favorites:
Psych 353: Social Development
Psych 457: Emerging Adulthood
Psych 211 (Working with Preschool Children) 🙂
Favorite STEM class: Chem 230 (with Dr. Gottfried)


When/How did you study for the MCAT:

I studied my senior year first semester because I was part-time and then continued studying over winter break. However, studying for the MCAT is its own class, and you must dedicate the time to it like you would any other course, which is why my semester still felt as though I were full-time.
I purchased a subscription to Blueprint MCAT, which worked really well for me. Based on when you plan to take it, they formulate a schedule for you. There are a bunch of lesson videos, practice questions/passages/exams, and other resources to take advantage of. I know that such subscriptions may not be feasible for everyone, which is why you should do your research on what may work for you. Definitely purchase the AAMC practice exams and take those closer to your test date.



When did you take the MCAT: January 2022


What was your pre-med experience:

I came into Michigan knowing I was pre-med, and I have never wavered from that during my time here. However, when I think back on my time at Michigan and reflect on this prompt, I cannot think of much. In fact, pre-med is one of the last things I would say to describe my experience.
Yes, academically, I am pre-med, but I am really happy to be able to look back on my years as having not been defined by focusing on my future in medicine. I joined what I knew I was passionate about, and now I have lifelong friendships and cherished memories to attest to that. That is what I will remember.
Of course you should keep the bigger picture in mind (aka applying to med school) to an extent, but undergrad does not have to be and should not be defined by your pre-med identity. If I weren’t pre-med, I firmly believe that I would still be involved in most everything I am now.


What are your plans after graduation:

My plan is to return to Cincinnati and work at the Children’s hospital as a CNA while I apply to med school this coming cycle. I also hope to travel a lot!!


Recommendations/advice for current students:

Do not choose a science major unless that is truly what you are interested in. It may prepare you a bit more for the mcat and med school, but majoring in what you are passionate about will shine through more on your application and in your interviews.
Undergrad is a time to explore before having to dive head first into all things science.

Same thing with activities. Do what you are passionate about, not just because it will look good on your resume or because you think it screams “I want to go to med school.” Always reflect on your experiences and start to think about why you want to go into the field of medicine.

Lastly, enjoy undergrad! It’s such a cliche, but it flies by so much faster than you think. Enjoy every second. Med school can be stressful and overwhelming, but at the end of the day, we are all living our lives, so live it!





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