Med School Application To-Do List

March, April, May, and June






  • Reach out to ask for letters of recommendation 
  • Update resume if needed for recommenders
  • Brainstorm ideas for personal statement/start thinking about what specifically motivates you to become a doctor
    • Refer to this article from the career center!
  • Using MSAR/DO EXPLORER make a spreadsheet of potential target schools to apply to, writing down all pertinent information so it’s all in one place
  • Compile a list of all potential activities including activity type, contact information, and action items associated with the activity
  • If you haven’t taken the MCAT, you should be studying to take it by April/May at the latest.






  • Continue asking for recommendation letters, if not done yet
  • Draft personal statement
    • This may take several versions, so brainstorming ahead of time will help you in the writing process!
  • List out three significant activities and most meaningful remarks (you get an extra 1325 characters for these)
  • Start drafting activity list (applicants are allowed 15 entries)
  • Write up the 700-character description, contact information, hours, and position
  • Use MSAR to continue editing and finalizing your school list
  • Attend the AAMC medical school webinar on 4/19
  • Attend 2023 AMCAS application cycle webinar 4/28






  • Remind recommendation letter writers to send in their letters if they haven’t already
    • They can either submit directly to AMCAS or Interfolio
  • Finalize your personal statement and Work/Activities section
  • Order official transcripts from every college and university you have attended (once your grades have been posted)
    • Do this ASAP – often most of the delay in application verification comes from this
  • Register for the CASPer Test
  • Register for AAMC PRE-view if your schools require it (previously called SJT)
    • List of participating schools here
  • AMCAS application opens end of May: submit if you feel confident in your application






  • Continue with primary applications if not yet complete
    • Want to submit as early as possible but also want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward
  • Begin pre-writing secondary essays which can be found online from previous cycles
  • Take the CASPer test if needed
    • Some schools require it but some don’t → take it based on your school list
  • Start preparing for interviews
    • Read prep books
    • Have a general idea of what you will say for “why medicine”
    • Become familiar with MMIsUtilize the Career Center for prep
  • Relax – it is a long waiting process, so find things to enjoy in the meantime

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