Name: Haniyeh Zamani

Major(s) and minor(s): Biology Major 

Favorite class you took at Michigan: My favorite class was BIO 207: Microbiology. I really enjoyed the class because I learned about microbial and viral genetics, medical microbiology, and basic epidemiology. Also, the course had a lab component and I learned new techniques that are applicable in many biological labs. 

When/How did you study for the MCAT: Took TPR course, studied Early December till May

When did you take the MCAT:  Planning to take it in May 2020

What was your pre-med experience: My experience as a premed student at Michigan was great. Michigan provided me with the different opportunities to pursue and expand my horizons. During my time here, I had the chance to take classes in any subjects that I was curious about. The pre-med advisors and many of the professors were friendly and supportive, and they went above and beyond to make sure that students were getting the best out of their education. SuccessConnects and SLC were very helpful resources for me to find my path to success.    

Recommendations/advice for current students: Being a pre-med student is a unique experience, and there are times that things can get difficult, but remember that you are not alone and there are people here to help and support you throughout this journey. Take advantage of the numerous resources that are available to you such as office hours, SLS study groups, and advising sessions. Also, it is okay to take a break every once in a while and reflect on your path to start with a new perspective for the rest of your journey. 



1st year

Washtenaw Community College (Michigan)

2nd year


Washtenaw Community College (Michigan)




3rd year


4th year



DAN 180 (no equiv.)

ENG 091 (no equiv.)

MTH 191 (MATH 115)

ENG 111 (ENGLISH 125)

BIO 101 (no equiv.)

CEM 122 (CHEM 230 + 130)

DRA 180 (no equiv.)

ECO 211 (ECON 102)

BIO 172

BIO 173

CHEM 210

CHEM 211

UC 280

BIO 225

BIO 226

BIO 281


EEB 400



CEM 111 (CHEM 125 +126)

ENG 226 (ENGISH 201)

PSY 100 (PSYCH 111)

PHY 111 (PHYSICS 125 + 127)

CSP 171 (ENGR 101)

BIO 171


UC 280 

CHEM 215

CHEM 216

EEB 300





BIO 207

EEB 390

EEB 400


MTH 192 (MATH 116) MTH 293 (MATH 215)

PHY 222 (PHYSICS 240 +241)

BIO 305  


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