Pre-Med Life

Pre-Med? We Gotchu.   What I Wish I Knew Earlier as a Pre-Med    What I Wish I Knew – Part 2    Pre-Med and Mental Health   How to Chose a Major Quarantine Reading List   Pre-Health Greek Life   Summer Activities The Transfer Experience   Intro to Premed @ Umich    Premed ComponentsTransitioning from Online Learning (Part 1) Transitioning from Online Learning (Part 2)NEW! How to Deal with Burnout

Preparing to Apply

What is MD vs. DO?   Should I Take a Gap Year?    Studying for the MCAT    The Princeton Review’s MCAT Class Review  Shadowing  Application Timeline    Building a List of Schools     Asking for a Rec Letter     Tips/Tricks For Writing your Personal Statement  MCAT Schedules, Tips, and Resources NEW! Med School Application To-Do List

Research Series

Finding Research   Research Areas / Topics   Applying for a Research Position  


Planning Your Semester: What to do and what not to do!    Choosing the Right Class (Class Comparison Chart) COVID19 Class ChangesGeneral Four Year Plan

Exit Tickets

Kiran – BCN/Religion    Margarete – Neuroscience  Daphne – BCN    Peyton – Neuroscience/Psychology     Pooja – BMS/Gender    Brooke – BCN/BMS   Anni – Neuroscience/African  Haniyeh – Biology  Lindsay – BiophysicsOwen – Neuroscience/Music    Karan – Neuroscience Sydney – Neuroscience    Judy – BHS Isabel – Gender and Health    Tina – BMS Ruchira – Neuroscience Sara – Neuroscience   Haitong – Neuroscience     Elizabeth – BCN    Caitlin – BCN    Nick – Psychology    Lakshmi – Public Health