Isabel Murray 

Major: Gender and Health  


Favorite class you took at Michigan:

I have loved all my coursework in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department! My favorite class I’ve taken is WGS 374 – Gender, Race, and Incarceration. Learning about the experiences and healthcare needs of incarcerated folks is incredibly important for understanding larger systematic barriers to healthcare and social determinants of health in the US. I also enjoyed taking WGS 400 – Women’s Reproductive Health. It is a two-hour lecture once a week. Each week, there are three separate guest lecturers who each speak for ~45 minutes about topics in women’s health. Most of the guest lecturers are physicians at Michigan Medicine, so it is also a great way to learn about pursuing a career in medicine and meet mentors. Both of the professors are amazing and really accessible for pre-med advice. It’s also an upper level writing course! 

When/How did you study for the MCAT:

I haven’t taken it yet! I am taking 2 gap years, so I am taking the MCAT this upcoming summer. I am planning to self-study using the Kaplan books, Blueprint question banks, and the AAMC material. 

When did you take the MCAT:

August 2021

What was your pre-med experience:

I have loved every second I’ve spent at Michigan, but the pre-med experience can certainly be stressful. I am really happy I pursued a degree in Gender and Health, because it meant I had diverse coursework each semester. This opened up so many doors for new experiences and connections. My major ended up being really helpful in helping me understand why I want to pursue a career in medicine. 




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