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Phi Chi

Writer: Pragathi Pathanjeli

Phi Chi is one of the oldest professional fraternities in the world. At the University of Michigan, Phi Chi is one of a few co-ed fraternities on campus, and the only one with a chapter for medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School. The diverse brotherhood works to ensure that all of its members are well-rounded applicants by providing access to academic resources, talks from medical school students and doctors, volunteering opportunities, and a large network of Phi Chi alumni for informative and career-related purposes 

 Not only have I been able to meet some incredible people as a part of Phi Chi, I have also been able to take-on leadership roles and be a part of rewarding experiences such as planning a 5K, getting trained in Basic Life Support, and getting involved in the community via many different volunteer opportunities. By-far, the most useful resource that Phi Chi has provided me with are med-school talks, where I’ve been able to learn more about the application process from medical students in Phi Chi, and The University of Michigan’s philosophy from members of the Office of Medical School Admissions. 

Our Rush process officially begins the week of MLK day with the following events (see image below). For more information, visit our website under the Rush Page and come to our info sessions!



Writer: Sydney Edwards

MED is the newest pre-medical fraternity on campus. It is a pre-health, co-ed fraternity that consists of mostly pre-medical students with a few pre-dental or pre-pharmacy students. We work to host social events, volunteering events, and professional development events to help our members develop themselves personally and professionally. We have many E-Board and committee chair positions, and each brother gets to choose a committee in which to participate.

This fraternity is very new, so there have been abundant opportunities for leadership within the brotherhood. We recently appointed two mental health chairs for the fraternity, and I feel that this position is one of the most important within the brotherhood. Mu Epsilon Delta provides resources for its members, ranging from professional development days featuring talks from doctors and medical students to biweekly support groups for brothers to talk about their lives in a nonjudgmental setting. I have found people to study with who have helped me learn much better than going at it alone. We help facilitate study groups for members to get to know their peers and excel in their classes. The mental health and academic help are two highlights of this fraternity for me. Additionally, I love the distinct personality of this fraternity. Each pre-medical frat has its own personality, and I feel that my own personality and aspirations fit very well with other individuals as well as the group as a whole. I also find that the time commitment is manageable, and the requirements are very fair.

Rush schedule 

  • Information Session 01/23 7:30-8:30 in Room D at the Michigan League
  • Meet & Greet 01/24 7:30-9:30 in Psych Atrium at East Hall
  • Speed Dating 01/28 8-10 in Hussey Room at the Michigan League
  • Application due 01/31 by midnight
  • Interviews 02/03 and 02/04 by invite




Writer: Judy Huynh

DEM is the nation’s premier professional pre-health co-ed fraternity dedicated to serving the community and uniting students of diverse backgrounds with an interest in varying health fields through leadership, professional development, and brotherhood. Our fraternity consists of members interested in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and public health to name a few. The Alpha Iota Chapter of Delta Epsilon Mu at U of M started in 2016, so we are fairly new but established enough to have lots of professional, leadership, and volunteer opportunities. Our national philanthropy is Camp Dragonfly Forest which is  a summer camp for kids with autism and other special medical needs. 

I knew I wanted to join a pre-health professional fraternity because I think learning about different health professions is beneficial to understanding and appreciating the health field. I made a lot of great friends through my fraternity, and I love knowing I can rely on any of them to help me with questions about the MCAT to which classes I should take. Besides e-board, we have many opportunities for leadership such as education chair, fundraising chair, DMUM committee, and others. We regularly volunteer with Ronald McDonald House and World Medical Relief. We cater our professional development events to what the fraternity wants so we have had doctors come in to talk and med school application panels. From my experience, the best thing about DEM is that I honestly feel that I can talk to any of the members and not feel judged at all.

We only hold rush in the fall because rush season takes up a big chunk of time so we want to use the winter season to get to know our new members. If you’re interested, I highly recommend you reach out to me or keep an eye out for our fall rush!

Keith Manning

Product Management

Edna White

Support Staff


Writer: Catherine Marudo

Phi Delta Epsilon is  one of the oldest co-ed professional pre-med fraternity on campus. This has created a vast and diverse alumni network with past-members now as current med students and residents all over the country. PhiDE is great in that is able to act both as a professional and social fraternity. Members are given the skills and knowledge needed to be successful pre-med and med school applicants through diverse workshops like: MCAT, application, backpacking, interview, and many more! Equally as important as professional development is Phamily. We are all phamily in PhiDE. Sure the resources and connections we have are great, but what truly sets us apart are the bonds of friendship and mentorship we form with each other. What better people to have in your corner than the kind and amazing people who have and are still going through this pre-med journey with you. Our members also follow the mantra “facta non verba – deeds not words.” One of the key values of PhiDE is service. PhiDE’s partner charity is the Children’ Miracle Network and fundraising events happen throughout the year for CMN. 

PhiDE has given me friends that I will carry with me for a lifetime and has made my college experience so incredibly amazing. I would not have confidence in my ability to succeed and kick butt in medicine without the mentorship, love, and support of every single person I have gotten to meet in this fraternity. I am excited to see what the future holds for PhiDE and encourage all pre-meds looking for a phamily on campus to come check mine out…we’re pretty amazing.



Keith Manning

Product Management

Edna White

Support Staff